More About Me

Realtor Associate

Representing buyers, sellers, and renters in Miami, Kristina Kontek is a Realtor Associate at Cervera Real Estate committed to maximizing real estate opportunities, providing up-scale service, and sharing her expert market insight.

Kristina's interest in real estate sparked at a very young age because of her experience moving around the world due to her father's position as a Diplomat. Though she's lived in various cosmopolitan cities worldwide, such as London, Paris, and New York City, the Magic City has her heart.

Before real estate, Kristina's experience as a Business Development Developer helped her refine her networking and relationship-building skillset. Through extensive travel abroad, Kristina built an impressive network of global contacts.

Committed, focused, driven, and experienced, Kristina Kontek is open to meeting and discussing future and current real estate opportunities.


Polish, English, French